Guild of Ascension - Key Art
Adobe Brasil
Some of the exclusive content we created for Adobe Brasil's social media.
Caito's Journey
Caito's Journey is a personal project we've been developing for a while.
SCRAPPED - Tales of Acheron
A dystopic original IP we're developing internally.
Hansel & Gretel
This is our piece for a storybook called Hansel & Gretel, by Miguel Antelo.
UnderMine Key Art
Artwork created for UnderMine by Thorium Games.
Personal studies and illustrations.
Meet the Artist 2020
Tributes to some of our favorite shows, movies and games.
Redesign Studies
Some design exercises for practice.
Millionaire Mansion
Character design and illustrations for the game Millionaire Mansion by Mitosis Games.
Heroic Commander
Characters created for the card game Heroic Commander, currently on development.
To celebrate the 60k milestone on Instagram, we decided to develop an OC with our followers for a new #drawthisinyourstyle challenge.
Cupcake Empire
A board game by Ludonova we created all the art for.
Miniclip Campaigns
Splash art we did for Miniclip's new campaign.
Meet Fancy Nancy
A children’s book we illustrated for Imaginism Studios and Disney Publishing.
Frozen: Breaking Boundaries
We colored the lines of Eduardo Francisco for variant covers for Frozen: Breaking Boundaries, by Dark Horse Comics.
River Trek - Wattsalpoag Games
River Trek, a board game we illustrated for Wattsalpoag Games.
KeyForge: Call of the Archons
Cards we illustrated for KeyForge: Call of the Archons.
Starcraft II Copa América 2018
Poster we illustrated for Blizzard Ent. in collaboration with Lucas Parolin.
Choices: Stories You Play
Book covers created for the app Choices - Stories you Play by Pixelberry.
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